American Idol Journal – Week 7 COLTON DIXON IS GONE!

Colton Dixon

After a whirlwind 14 song night, the hammer falls for Colton DixonColton‘s stock plummeted in the past week.  I don’t think he should have been past over in favor of Hollie Cavanagh, but the fans vote is final from here on out.  It was Hollie standing beside him when Ryan spoke the words, “…your journey ends tonight”.  She was as shocked as he was.  For his farewell song Colton kneeled down and sang a well known Christian song, one that is sung in many contemporary musically based churches.  Once again, the day of reckoning for Hollie is a later day.


The show opened tonight with a group sing featuring the song Dancin’ in the Street.  Most gave a good accounting of themselves except for Jessica Sanchez, I think the key for the song was all wrong for her, in her defense.  At one point her microphone was either off or turned too low too.


Kris Allen was the guest singer tonight from the American Idol past.  I like Kris, his song went very well although the falsetto was a bit off. 


Allen is proof a contestant can win the show without ever being considered a top-seed.  It happens as contestants are voted off the show their loyalties go to new contestants, Kris wasn’t the first to benefit from that dynamic but he went the farthest from it.


He’s been a grand American Idol winner spending much of his time in Europe and doing tours to military bases.  He is always quick to lend his name to a meaningful charity.


Later a two man group called LMFAO came to the stage with one of their latest tunes.  Can we say train wreck?  Once again the American Idol producers have turned the show into something other than a family oriented talent contest.  The closer it came to Simon Cowell leaving you could see the tide turning.  Last year Lady Gaga practically had sex on stage and was cheer by the judges, this year we get LMFAO.


Congratulations to all the remaining contestants, the final six makes this a true horse race now.  Phillip Phillips is the top-seed at this point, I have always maintained he is the one to beat.  Hollie and Elise bring up the rear as the long shots.  Next week the picture will get very clear, the top five is usually a very solid bunch.


Thanks for reading this far.