American Idol Journal – WEEK 6 PAUL MCDONALD IS GONE!

Haley Reinhart, Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone

In a bit of a surprise Paul McDonald fell from grace in one week.  Oddly, his performances were getting stronger in my view and I certainly thought he was better this week than Stefano Langone.


America’s voting is sure fickle.

So, Haley Reinhart managed to find her way to the bottom three once again, did I mention America is sure fickle. This first selection made sure my prediction were off,  although a girl was represented there, it just wasn’t Lauren Alaina.

Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald appeared once again.  At this point I was ‘sure’ that Stefano Langone was going to leave, hence my surprise at not only seeing McDonald share that dubious honor with the other two but at being the low vote getter.  I think he was one or two weeks early, but he was bound to exit soon anyway.

The special music offered this week was much better than in recent weeks too.

Both of the early duets were very good.  I’ve always wondered why some of these pairings, musically speaking, didn’t move forward to real partnerships in past years.  I’m still wondering if some of these will.

I am such a Kelly Clarkson fan!  I thought the duet with Jason Aldean came off very good of course, that song is getting some fast airplay since the CMA’s.

Geez, then they brought out the AI Boy Band.  Instead of singing the Sound of Silence, how ’bout some real silence! I’m having fun here, it went much better than last time these guys took the stage.  I finally realized that Paul McDonald‘s voice is great at adding texture to harmonies, and Stefano could team with him for a Simon/Garfunkel thing if they wanted.

Rihanna was refreshing this evening too, mostly because such a trendy artist like her did NOT use the auto-tune effect to sing.  …and how ’bout that red hair?

I’m looking for Stefano to continue having bottom three visits with Jacob Lusk or Casey Abrams joining him.  I can’t really get a read on why Haley is having trouble garnering votes why the emotionally questionable Lauren is not.

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