American Idol Journal – Week 6 JESSICA SANCHEZ IS NOT GONE!

Jessica Sanchez saved without singing for it

In a huge and completely unexpected surprise, Jessica Sanchez was the low vote getter.  After absorbing the initial blow, the judges ran to the stage to interrupt Jessica’s second chance performance and announced they all agreed to save her!


The show is all about who connects with voters and clearly Jessica has not been connecting.  Saving her without even the second song being sung is an insult to the other contestants that had too.  You may recall last year Casey Abrams was saved in the same dramatic fashion.  It pretty much sealed his fate, lasting only another two weeks.  Next week two contestants will likely be voted off the show, look for Jessica to be sent home.

I think the competition for the next American Idol really starts with next week’s show.  All of the remaining contestants have demonstrated they can dominate any given evening, that’s what makes this a true competition.


Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez were up first.  So they send Hollie to the left, Jessica to the right.

James Durbin took the stage singing a tune from his freshman release, “Higher Than Heaven”. I was always a Durbin fan and this performance shows he’ll be around for a long time. Kudos to him for starting his big first tour on this night.


Next to be sorted into one of the two groups on stage, Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone.  This didn’t bode well for Elise, to be on stage with Phillip at one of the decision points.  Jimmy Ivine thought that both could be at risk tonight.  Phillip was sent to join Hollie and Elise went to Jessica’s side.


Jennifer Hudson and Neo performed next.  I was shocked at how thin Hudson has become.  I’m not familiar with Neo’s music so I can’t comment on whether or not he was true to his roots, however, I wasn’t overly impressed with the song.  It must be very specific to the tastes in a certain genre.


Ryan called Colton Dixon and Joshua Ledet next.  Again, these two were both wonderful last night… this doesn’t bode well for them either.  Jimmy liked both singers last night.  Joshua was sent to the Jessica side to join her and Elise.  Only Skylar was left sitting. She was the only one that was safe early on.


In a surprise of the season thus far, Joshua, Jessica and Elise are the bottom three.  Steven said the judges would be using their save tonight.  That’s a bit of a surprise since it would make this entire portion moot.  Joshua and Elise are safe! So Jessica is singing for her existence.   Then in a total mockery of the show’s intent, the judges interrupted Jessica’s performance and announced she was saved.  Then Randy went on a rant about how America got it wrong.


It’s never dull on American Idol.  I think the judges have once again undermined the process like they did last year.  Next week two will be sent home and if I’m going to predict it now, Jessica won’t make the cut again and you can lay that result at the feet of the judges.


Thanks for reading this far.