American Idol Journal – WEEK 5 PIA TOSCANO IS GONE!

Pia Toscano

At the same time I am surprised… but not shocked.  Pia Toscano had one week early on that warranted the praise and adulation she kept receiving from the judges.  I don’t even feel bad that I didn’t see it coming THIS week, but she was on the radar, and in her farewell performance showed up why she wasn’t going to win.

CAN WE VOTE THE JUDGES OFF? Once again I’m saddened by the judges comments.  If you were Stefano Langone you have to be feeling like the judges are truly NOT in your corner. My advice to him from now on… ignore what they say and go with what has worked for you.

Jacob Lusk had his first taste of the bottom three, it won’t be his last.  His comments prior to last evenings performance were seriously ill advised. The whole “afraid to look in the mirror” comment should have been thought out more.

If you’re keeping track, I didn’t pick the contestant leaving, in fact, I didn’t even have her in the bottom three.  However, I’m 2 for 3 on picking the bottom three.  Ooo rah!

Moving forward we have to believe the judges are negatively impacting their personal favorites with comments that don’t call out the bad showings.

At least Simon had the decency to put it on the table and just say if he thought someone was the person to beat.  Even then he didn’t pull his punches.  Look for the judges to shift their unwarranted praise to Lauren Alaina.  I don’t think they will be too quick to try to save Jacob Lusk at this point.

Until next week….

Thanks for reading this far.