American Idol Journal – Week 5 DEANDRE BRACKENSICK IS GONE!

Deandre Brackensick

It had to happen sooner or later, Deandre Brackensick was sent home.  I can’t say that I’m disappointed in his departure since very quickly it was apparent he did not have the talent to win against the top contenders in the Season 11 lineup.


After his ‘please please please save me song’ Jennifer Lopez delivered the bad news.  She couldn’t leave it at a simple, goodbye, she had to make it clear it was not a unanimous decision… and then tossed Randy and Steven under the bus!


If you read yesterdays review of the show you’ll know that I correctly determined the three contestants that were sent to the chairs, Hollie Cavanagh, Deandre Brackensick and Elise TestoneHollie was immediately sent back to join the others leaving Elise to sweat it out one more time.  I thought Elise would be the next to go because it seemed like Deandre was always hanging on when he certainly could have been gone a few weeks ago.  I’m glad Elise survived.


The evening included a performance by a British boy group that has become very popular in England, UnwantedKelly Pickler also appeared and delivered a solid performance.  When she was a Season 6 contestant she was always a good, consistent performer.


I think we’re one more week before the cuts get really difficult to make.  At the moment the girls outnumber the boys 4 to 3.  I’m guessing next week Hollie or Elise will be gone and the groups will be even again.  The real surprise will be who joins these two in the bottom three next Thursday!


Thanks for reading this far!