American Idol Journal – Week 4 (Top 11… again)

Change the songs and the clothes and this is something of a Week 3 Redux.  Solid performances by eight of the contestants, the remaining three were a bit of a disappointment.

Haley Reinhart

Once again I am struck by the few singers that performed well enough but were forgotten, at least until the recap, I thought Naima Adedapo was one of those. She left me with a feeling of trying to ‘work’ the crowd and being gimicky.  She actually sings much differently than what we saw tonight (or last week for that matter).  Oddly, Casey Abrams, who sang VERY well ended up falling to near obscurity for me because tonight’s best performance came after his.  Luck of the draw I suppose. He will survive this week because his fan base got their wakeup call too. Another well done, though hard to remember performance, was done by Thia Megia.  I think she has the best voice in the competition for quality of tone and such, but I think in her case she lack the maturity in her stage presentation to be remembered.

Scotty McCreery opened the evening with a solid showing, he connects with me (…and I’m not a huge country fan either), he connects with a faithful base of voters too.  Watch as loyalties change when contestants are voted off, Scotty‘s stock will rise even more.  Look for him to be in the final four for this season. The night had fine bookends with Scotty starting out and Haley Reinhart closing out.

She ended the show with both the best performance of the night and her personal best too. I’ll remember her version of Benny and the Jets beyond tonight.

James Durbin was one of the disappointments for me.  I’ve come to expect a lot from him already and though he handled himself ok, it didn’t have the wow factor for me.

Pia Toscano sang as good as I’ve heard her sing in this competition, she changed her vocal styling a bit too.  A singer with training could spot what I’m talking about but it’s too hard to explain.  One of the better outings this evening, though not the best. I thought too, the judges were not fair to her with their comments about singing ballads.  Elton Johns is most remembered for his ballads because that was/is his main staple in the biz.  Lauren Alaina received high marks from the judges, I have to disagree with them (no surprise eh?).  While she sang well enough it didn’t warrant the lavish praise they gave her. I think she’s an emotional train wreck and wouldn’t want to be around her when America voters her off.  I see a few others being given the boot before her day, but her day is not many weeks away.

I’m not sure where to start with Jacob Lusk, I can’t say his was a bad performance.  That being said, he does nothing for me and I’m thinking he’ll make his first bottom three appearance soon, just not this week. Stefano Langone was amazing… AGAIN.  He was the best of the night until Haley took the stage. I hope that inconsistency doesn’t become his norm either.  He can’t survive the on-again, off-again routine. If he survives the night, his performance next week will make of break him.  He is in need of back to back memorable showings.

Finally, Paul McDonald, I can’t say why he hasn’t spent more time in the bottom three.  I like how his song started out tonight but than his vocal became typically thin when he tried to project.  He clearly shouldn’t attempt anything like he did tonight; he’s best to stay with Bob Dylan’s (James Taylor even) style and range in singing.  I think he could do a lot of  George Harrison’s music too.

Standouts this evening were Haley Reinhard (Best Performance of the night), Stefano Langone and Pia Toscano.

Average performances, Scotty McCreery, Casey Abrams, Thia Megia, Lauren Alaina and Jacob Lusk

Disappointments for the evening, James Durbin, Paul McDonald and Naima Adedapo.

Two must go tomorrow night, I think Thia, Stefano and Naima will sweat it out. Watch for at least Thia to pack her bags, close behind will come Naima.

How do you see it?

Thanks for reading this far.


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