Naima and Thia

Was anyone truly shocked by this outcome?  It was time for Thia Megia to depart, she never really made the connection with AI fans even though she has a wonderful voice.  Naima Adedapo followed suit with spotty performances culminating with her attempt at catching the Jamaican vibe.  Here is what I said about her after last nights performance,

“…Naima Adedapo was one of those. She left me with a feeling of trying to ‘work’ the crowd and being gimicky.  She actually sings much differently than what we saw tonight (or last week for that matter).”

The song she sang with Jacob Lusk showed the normal Naima voice, the one that got her to the show. Too bad she didn’t stay with what worked.

And how ’bout those judges, it was almost refreshing to NOT have any “common-tary” from them, wasn’t it?

All the usual suspect made it through this week, did anyone think Pia, James and Scotty would be in danger?  At this point if I am to speculate as to whom it is that are front runners, I would say James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, Pia Toscano and Casey Abrams. However, I think Haley Reinhart is starting to land on her feet and she may survive quietly now because she might catch some of those Megia/Adedapo votes that have to go somewhere. I still say the pressure will start to negatively effect Lauren Alaina sooner than later.

The special music tonight wasn’t all about food.   An often troubled and heavier Fantasia debuted a new song; her attempt at glam’ing up southern food into a warm love song was sad.  I’m guessing she wrote it too.  I was equally unimpressed with Jamie Foxx’s new song, “Hot Wings”, although it may do well given it’s for a cartoon. The animated characters will probably sing the song better.  ::: wink wink :::

If you are keeping track, this week I was 2 for 3 on the bottom three and hit the two going home this time. To be fair I’ve been calling out Naima nearly every week since Ashthon Jones was voted off.

It’s not really being voted off, is it, it’s more like not being VOTED ON AGAIN.

Also, I am lead to believe by Ryan Seacrest‘s comment to Casey Abrams that his fan base recommitted themselves to their guy.

So, all my popular targets are off the show now, time for a new crop of bottom dwellers to warm those chairs.  Look for Paul McDonald to continue his Thursday nights to the left side of the stage, the other two won’t be so easy from now on.

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