American Idol Journal – Week 4 HEEJUN HAN IS GONE!

Heejun Han brilliant one last time

Tonight’s real entertainment is Scott McCreery, last years coast to coast winner, joining him in the line-up is Nicky Minaj.  In a surprise for Deandra Brackensick, the producers managed to track down Eric Bonet for a cameo appearance.  Deandre seemed truly awe struck.


The first three to come forward, feet to the fan fire, were Phillip Phillips, Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone.  Hollie was the first to get sent to the bottom three seats.


Nicky Minaj took the stage as the first guest singer of the night.  She sings  house electronica music, it’s a showy, wordy style with driving beats and lots of auto-tune applied for effect.  I thought the auto-tune wave ran it’s course last year when it seemed as though every artist on the planet was using it.  It’s not my favorite style but was fun just the same.  Other than you over exposed cleavage, it wasn’t even sexual by current standards.

Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet and Heejun Han were the next to face the music.  Colton and Joshua won the moment and were safe, Heejun joined Hollie on the chairs.


 Scotty McCreery came out next and sang even better than I remember him doing last season.  He’s a natural and his command of the stage proved that point.  At the end of his performance, Jimmy Ivine came out and awarded last year’s American Idol winner his first Platinum Album award!  It used to be there were very unique and tough to achieve but through the 90’s it seemed as if every other artist was getting one.  Then the internet matured to the point platinum records diminished and are in fact quite rare again.  Go Scotty!


 Skylar Laine, Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez were the last to hear their names called.  One more from this group will be sent to the seats.   It is no surprise that JChez was safe but I thought Deandre belong in the three-seats this time, instead the fans sent Skylar over to the other two.


 Heejun Han was at the bottom of the heap this week and sang for a second chance to stay in the competition.  He sang the same song as yesterday and it was a brilliant strategy as these things go, he was flawless… again.

Predictably the judges threw Heejun under the bus!  Even when he was duplicating last nights magnificent outing you could tell Jennifer had made up her mind, though teary eyed about it.  It was clear at the point, at least to me, the not so hidden agenda was greater than the performer, they will use their save for a female this year… go to the bank on that.


Thanks for reading this far!