American Idol Journal – Week 3 ERIKA VAN PELT IS GONE!

Erika Van Pelt is gone!

Erika Van Pelt is gone!  The new hair style (quite nice i might add) wasn’t enough of a makeover to save her.  It’s not really a surprise she is exiting early in the competition since all along she’s struggled with fan support.  Joining her in the bottom three this week were Deandre Brackensick and Heejun Han.  Brackensick is not going to last much longer either, though to hear the judges praising him you’d think he was one of this years elite.  He was a second chancer by the judges and still has PR problems with the fans.  I was a bit surprise that Heejun Han was in the bottom three.  It’s entirely possible viewers and voters are tiring of his antics and withholding critical votes to keep him viable.

Last evening Heejun’s singing was less than perfect and his on-stage routine finally brought a foul sentiment from Steven Tyler (otherwise in a great mood since the show recognized Tyler’s birthday).


I would have preferred to see Hollie Cavanagh take her rightful place in the bottom three, but it was not to be.  Cavanagh is another contestant that garners high praise from the judges without any proof in her performances.  She should consider this a “second chance” and focus next week on keeping on pitch, pitch issues have been her achilles heel. 


Kudos to Elise Testone for her breakout week, meaning she won enough fan votes to keep from being in the bottom three, a place all to familiar to her.  Pretty much everyone else remaining was expected.


Haley Reinhart  debuted her first real single entitled “Free”.  Haley should have placed second last year to Scotty, you can read some of last years reviews to learn the history.  She was no stranger to the bottom three since she spent most of the season there… not unlike Kris Allen did a couple years earlier.  Elise Testone should take heart that the bottom three doesn’t mean the end of the road, it can also mean lesser performers must go in order for their fan support to shift to you.


More excitement is in store next week.


Thanks for reading this far.