American Idol Journal – WEEK 3 CASEY ABRAMS IS… safe?

Casey Abrams

A shot was fired across the bow of all the contestants, it was Casey Abrams that had to duck though!  I’m happy for Casey, I think it was a good use of the save too, on this matter I want to be clear.  We’ll see a born-again Casey Abrams next week.

This week America smacked down… THE JUDGES! Since the beginning of this season the judges have not hid their personal agendas very well. Each week they couldn’t say enough good things about Casey Abrams even in the face of either bad or lackluster performances. His performance in Week 1 was excellent, then two weeks of underachieving and Casey was being shown the door.

I know in past season’s American Idol has not informed the judges, in advance of results night, of a contestant’s eminent departure (they wanted genuine reactions from the judges, what a concept), it saddens me that this is happening. So, instead of following protocol and making Abrams at least sing for his dinner, the judges predetermined to save him.  I think the fans of American Idol deserve an apology.

On balance, no one has won this competition with the vocal styling coming from Casey and he won’t either; he’ll have to return to style that actually captured the imagination of the judges during Hollywood Week in order to make a serious run.

Any given night any one of the contestants can own the moment and the next become so uninspiring that their borderline performance drives votes into the arms of another.

Kris Allen - Winner 2009

We’re also at the point in the competition where we’ll start to see voters redirecting their loyalties if their favorite singer gets voted off.  This is one reason why Kris Allen survived his time in the bottom three and ultimately won the show in 2009.

The songs sung by Sugarland and Jennifer Hudson were very nice, it was also nice to see George Huff doing backing vocals for her (both from Season 3).  I thought a slimmed down Stevie Wonder looked good too, even Hulk Hogan remains as charismatic as ever.

If you’re keeping track, I was 2 for 3 this week in predicting the bottom three.  This makes me 5-9 this season.  I’m batting zero on guessing the departing contestant however.  Is it wrong to say… wish me luck?

Thanks for reading this far.