American Idol Journal – Week 2 (Top 12)

Stefano Langone

This week was full of surprises, mostly just how many of the contestants were painfully off pitch.  When this many have pitch issues it usually signals monitor problems. All that having been said, a few managed to sing on pitch and deserve kudos for pressing on through the challenges of the night.  One last observation before my ‘votes’, the music never really got going tonight.

I can’t put my finger on it exactly, the mix of the band was very subdued and the arrangements were, frankly speaking, boring, which all made for a slow night.

Standouts this evening were Stefano Langone (he owned the night) and Scotty McCreery (solid again and oddly… fresh).

Average performances, and clearly short of the top two, were Thia Megia, Pia Toscan0, Karen Rodriguez, Haley Reinhart (rough start but finished strong) and Lauren Alaina.

Disappointments for the evening, James Durbin (not one note on pitch), a screeching Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk once again.

The singers that are continuing to squander their opportunity on American Idol are Naima Adedapo, Paul McDonald

I’ll call out the same as last week for an exit… bye bye Naima.  I’ll get this one right this week or next.

Some final thoughts, is it just me or are the judges trying to salvage a really bad start to the season with comments that don’t match the performances? I evening started with a surprise from Niffer when she called out Naima on her pitch problems AGAIN, Randy piled on too.  Even with Paul McDonald’s poor showing, they seem to make an effort at honesty.  It was short lived for the most part and they reverted back to their own personal agendas with comments that didn’t match the performances.

How do you see it?

Thanks for reading this far.