American Idol Journal – Week 2…Shannon Magrane is GONE!

Shannon Magrane sings her last on the show

This is the week where making it through to the next round has real meaning, the survivors get to go on tour in the summer!  It’s a great opportunity and making this cut is important.


Early business first, the announcement that JLo has a new single and video out at the end of this month.  “Be still my heart, I can’t wait.”, he said with mock enthusiasm.  Jennifer is a franchise unto herself and just about anything she touches will be easily successful.  You’ll see.  The next bit of business, enter Tommy Hilfiger who will be the fashion coach on the show for the Top 10 American Idol contestants.  It’s the Top 10 that will go on tour after the season is over and the AI folks want them stylin’!  Go Tommy go!


So, first called to center stage, Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone.   If a contestant doesn’t make a connection with the fans early in the show their prospects are very limited on American Idol.  Based on last nights performances, all four of these singers should have been sent to the next round without much fan fare.  As it turns out Elise will spent another week in the bottom, this time it’s the fabled bottom three.


Demi Lovato sang Give Your Heart A Break.  This is a new single for her.  When stars appear on Idol they are supposed to wow the live crowd and television audience, you know, bring their A-game but Lovato had pitch problems in the first part of the song.  I’ve said this before too, it’s probably a in-ear monitor problem because she’s not known for off key singing.  The song will not exactly change the world with a message but for a pop song it was pretty good.


Next up is Deandre Brackensick, Colton Dixon, Shannon Magrane and Jessica Sanchez (JChez).  Colton is going on tour. Deandre is going on tour, Jessica is going on tour, Shannon is  in the bottom three.  It was easy to guess that Colton and Jessica would continue, Deandre and Shannon were another story however.  I think Shannon has a connection problem and the fans (probably lots of young girls) think the world turns for Deandre.


Chris Daughtry and his band, Daughtry performed their new single, Out of My Head.  This guy is a great performer, he wasn’t going to win the season he was on but that matters little now because he is one of the most successful in post-Idol life of any of the contestants.  Good thing he was so good tonight, I’ve already forgotten Lovato’s average showing.


Finally, Erika Van Pelt, Heejun Han and  Hollie Cavanagh were called forward.  Hollie is going on tour.  Erika is in the bottom three, Heejun Han made it to the tour!


Jennifer isn’t happy, but mostly because another girl is going home tonight.  You’ll recall she is hoping for an all girl finale.


Elise Testone was immediately sent to join the others going on tour, at least she had some justice quickly.  This should be a huge wake up call to get some personality coaching.  I don’t think she’ll win the show but she’s proven she can compete and with more performances like last night she’ll eventfully win a larger following as other contestants (especially girls) are eliminated.


Erika Van Pelt dodged a bullet, she too will need some personality coaching and frankly speaking some better performances.


Shannon sang for his Idol existence and fell short.  She sang off pitch and lost the moment.  No save tonight.


Thanks for reading this far!  See you next week.