American Idol Journal – WEEK 2 KAREN RODRIGUEZ IS GONE

Karen Rodriguez

America has spoken, I for one consider this a poor choice… Karen Rodriguez was voted off and not saved after her less than impressing final song.  Karen seemed to be perhaps the nicest, girl next door contestant this year and I can easily say, NOT one of the head cases on the show.

Another surprise in the bottom three, Haley Reinhart.

Year in and year out on the program I am amazed at the talented singers that don’t really connect with the voters, she will be gone in the next three week I predict.

WHAT? The next three weeks?  I still say Naima Adedapo will be well acquainted with the bottom three for quite sometime even if she manages to dodge the grim reaper.

I should start to say whom it is that will be in the bottom three, I would have been 1 out of 3 this week, although last week was 2 out of 3. If I had ventured to put three contestants on the hot seats this week it would have been Naima Adedapo, Jacob Lusk and Paul McDonald.

I have the feeling McDonald will be like teflon for awhile, as will Lusk.

I’m glad ‘Niffer gave some time to talking about the monitoring challenges on stage, I’m betting some of the contestants were pretty outspoken about that.  Of the millions of dollars this franchise earns each season you’d think this would never be an issue. I call it sabotage, I hope it is fixed by next week.

Lee Dewyze

The winner from last year, Lee Dewyze was representin’! I thought it was a solid debut of his new single.  I thought I detected a bit of a Paul McDonald sound coming from him too.  As for the Black Eyed Peas, well, I’m really really tired of these electronically altered vocals which are over used in music today, and their treatment was just as bad.  All is not lost, I enjoyed much of the song they sang but thought we should be hearing the real voices instead.

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