American Idol Journal – Week 11 (Top 3)

Watch that step!

Randy didn’t get the memo, icks-nay on the phrase-ay, “in it to win it”.  Perhaps the season needs to end just to end the use of that phrase, ya think? Can I get a witness?

So, you’d think tonight would be the proverbial crescendo of performances, you’d think that, I’d think that… but it wasn’t. The most memorable moments were the slip by Haley Reinhart during her first song, and the missed pick up by Lauren Alaina.  Frankly speaking, I’ve never been so disappointed in an 11th week in ten years.

I can’t even say who would have won tonight. Although he had two fine outings prior, Scotty was uncharacteristically off-pitch for much of the judges pick, his third song tonight.  Sadly the judges didn’t call him on it, further demonstrating their lack of professional integrity this season.

I recall putting the television on mute and beginning a four minute rant after the second round when Lauren Alaina finished.  The subject, you ask?

The judges actually wanted to make it sound impressive that Haley and Lauren made huge performance errors and it somehow demonstrates how ‘good they are’.  I never knew we were voting for the contestant that could recover from screw ups best, all this time I thought it was about consistently GOOD performances.

On balance I think Scotty won this evening… because he was consistent. His third song wasn’t good at all, but the first two were solid, as usual.

Haley would be next for me.  I’m not impressed with the recovery from her slip only because it should never have happened.  Do you recall the week I slammed James Durbin for prancing about the audience and stage like a rock star and forgot to sing on pitch?  That was his worst night, two weeks later he was off the show.  I don’t think it’s wise to move off-stage, they have plenty of time for that in their careers and it really gains them nothing in the way of votes.  To Haley’s credit she didn’t let that moment follow her to the second song, which turned out very good.  Her judges choice performance didn’t start out well, it was too low, but she finally hit her stride when the song picked up though.

Ok, what's the next line?

I sound like a broken record when discussing Lauren Alaina, I know this about myself. Tonight’s review won’t make fans of hers happy either.  Her first song was boring but on balance she sang it well enough, no mistakes, nothing off pitch.  That isn’t a good enough reason to be the winning on this show however! Her second tune, the one she missed her pick-up, she was continually rushed to complete her lyrics correctly.  It’s a sign of trying to get more of a song into the allotted time by speeding it up, it’s a gamble no matter who does it.  Her final song, the judges choice, is one of my favorite songs, “I hope you dance”.  She added nothing to the song in the way of uniqueness until she started to growl!  Growl? Really? I hope to wipe that version from my mind.

I’m nearly at a loss for who will be in the final.  I still think it’s Scotty’s to lose, but between the two girls, it’s anyone’s guess.  If I’m being cynical (may it never be laid at my feet!), I say it will be Lauren Alaina that makes it to next week because it’s what the judges have wanted all along.  If I’m being really really cynical (haven’t we covered this already?) I say both girls make it and Scotty will be out… because ‘Niffer said early in the season “they were hoping two girls could make the finals”.

Perhaps Scotty and Haley will be there.  I still miss Simon.

By the way, the high point of the night was watching Haley’s father play guitar.  That was wonderful.

Thanks for reading this far.