American Idol Journal – WEEK 11 HALEY REINHART IS GONE!

The drama is over, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina will appear next week in the season finale of American Idol 10!  I’m sticking with my mid-season prediction, it’s Scotty’s to lose.

Amidst all the special handling Lauren Alaina has received this season it’s easy to forget the dreams these contestants have and how carelessly the ‘franchise’ has been with them.  It was, once again, reenforced to me that the contestants are largely blind to what appears as a ‘sweetheart deal’ for the finals; Haley was truly stunned when the announcement came that Alaina would compete in the final next week.  She actually needed some assistance from Ryan to come back to reality.

Amazingly, she recovered quick enough to put on the best ‘exit song’ this season.

I’m hard on Ryan Seacrest but I will say, he is good at handling the stage situations with one of the hopefuls being unsure of what to do next.  Kudos to Ryan this week.

I am usually moved by the Home Week videos, this year is no exception.  The most poingnant of them this years was Lauren’s visit home. Witnessing her reaction to the recent devastation from southern tornados was an undeniable, emotional moment for me. How sad for her to see her high school torn to pieces, and homes in her neighborhood.

Now, the special music.  Whoa, were those great boy from Italy or what!  Family entertainment at it’s best, contrast that to the next act which was more ‘adults only’ or at the very least ‘club music’.  I saw an early video of these boys a few years ago on YouTube, they are still singing that song!  I decided that if X-Factor is as good as I think it will be I’m gonna defect.  Besides, it’s gonna be credible, Simon is at the helm.

I’m going with Scotty McCreery to win next week.  If Lauren Alaina wins I will become a believer in ‘The Fix’. Haley or even James Durbin should be sharing the stage with Scotty.

Thanks for reading this far.