American Idol Journal – Week 10 (Top 4)

Under the influence of Gaga

One reality of this season is about to happen, that being my prediction of two girls and two boys would making it to the final four.  Further I nailed which four it would be.  Let’s see if I can get the last three week correct.

James Durbin opened the singing tonight with a solid version of “Don’t stop believin’ by Journey.  His voice was crystal clear and unflawed, quite the contrast from last week’s two song fail.  James closed the night out with another solid and fun performance. If I’m being perfectly honest (as in Simon honest) his two performances were the only two that completely held my interest the entire time. I think he won the night even if the judges could bring themselves to say it.

Haley Reinhart tried to bring the bar higher with a Michael Jackson tune.  It’s always hard to sing Jackson tunes pretty much anytime, but so much more on a night like tonight.  I thought she growled way too much (can we say Casey Abrams?), however, she was solid even if I wasn’t impressed with portions of it. I thought the judges took her down unfairly, not that this performance was perfect but not to the level Randy tried to force on us all.  Her next song was wonderful, I thought the advice Lady Gaga gave her was spot on and I could see it in her understated theatrics.  Good job Haley!

Scotty McCreery was in his grove too.  I didn’t particularly like his song choice for the first song, but it was personal to him not me. He’s an engaging singer as a young age and is showing the poise of a seasoned professional. Scotty’s second tune was the kind of singing and staging that will win him votes.  He has a true Elvis vibe going on, it’s an innocent presentation with an acceptable ‘wink’ to the other side.  I still say this season is his to lose.

Lauren Alaina was unimpressive to me this evening.  Her vocals were good enough, that’s not what I mean here.  For example, in her first tune she executed a vocal slide in a couple of spots that was perfect, so it’s not the quality or talent of the voice I was unimpressed with.  What bothers me is she isn’t selling her performances, further, why would she want to ‘sell’ a song that isn’t age appropriate for her.  If we wouldn’t take this taudry stuff from Miley Cyrus, why on earth would we want to see Lauren tainted with the stuff she is singing.  Lauren’s second song was ok, but I actually agree with her that singing the word ‘evil’ was more than unbelievable coming from her.

I’d like to say about the judges again tonight as in past nights, they unfairly dressed down Haley in favor of Lauren. I hope America will see through all of this planned marketing and vote for Haley to make it to the Top 3.

Lot’s of “in it to win it” going on, at least according the Randy Jackson. (Excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth) Hearing that phrase used, would inspire me, it’s overuse has soiled it.  Randy needs someone to force balance into his views, Simon and Paula provided it, ‘Niffer and S’ven are too weak in their roles to make the judging sound legitimate.

Lady Gaga was a better performance coach tonight than I thought she’d be with this crew.  Props to her for knowing what to offer each person.

I think American Idol is doing a ‘bottom two’ now, so expect to see two girls there, IF they are being honest.  I think Lauren Alaina will finally come to the end of the road. Perhaps lasting this long will keep her from a total melt down, regardless of how I feel, it’s still an amazing feat to make it this far.

Tell me how you see it, don’t be shy.

Thanks for reading this far.