American Idol Journal – WEEK 10 JAMES DURBIN IS GONE!

James Durbin

Push me over with a feather, James Durbin joins the other downcast Idol hopefuls in the Summer Tour green room.  I consider this the biggest upset of the season.  James had one truly bad week, unfortunately for him it was in recent weeks and the memory of it may have caught up with his ‘on the fence’ fan base.  To be frank about it, I think many of his fans thought he was a shoe-in and threw their weight to another for the night.

If it’s any consolation, James is in good company, the most notable is Chris Daughtry who is one of the American Idol brand’s biggest success stories.

What really bugs me is the treatment of Lauren Alaina during this show.

All season, after her early stage meltdown, they’ve been largely saving Lauren from the emotional tough spots.  Week after week they pulled their punches.

I’ve been in the music industry as a singer/performer (and much later as a producer) since I was 15 years old, I can tell you these judges have not been fair or honest this season.

Ok, I’m letting go of my righteous indignation, enough said I think.  I hope each of the remaining contestants enjoys their time in the spotlight, even Lauren. If there was a fix in to have the final an all girl finale, neither of the two gals left would have be in on it anyway.

So, I’ll stick with my most consistent prediction of the season, this competition is Scotty McCreery’s to lose.  His stock has been rising all season.

Next week is like a new season I think. All of our past impressions must be left on this weeks floor.  See you next week.

Thanks for reading this far.