American Idol Journal – Week 10 HOLLIE CAVANAGH IS GONE!

Hollie Cavanagh

At some point my prediction of Hollie‘s departure was bound to be correct, I honestly thought it was bound to be correct many weeks ago however!  I think of Colton Dixon and Elise Testone at a time like this and lament that their fan base was not aggressive enough to save them from their premature departures.

Phillip Phillips was the first to face the music.  Jimmy liked everything Phillip did last evening and thought he has finally found his ‘voice’.  No results, he was sent back to the couch.

Hollie Cavanagh was next.  Jimmy thinks Hollie is going in the wrong direction.  He characterized her performances last night as a crash and burn. No results, she was sent back to the couch too.

David Cook, the American Idol winner from three season’s ago was the guest from Idol-Past.  After a shaky start to his song, The Last Song I’ll Write For You, he hit his groove and turned in a solid performance.

Joshua Ledet took to the stage next to get his ‘non-result’.  Jimmy thought his first song was terrible but was entirely captivated by his second outing.  Mixed bag for me too.  No results, he was sent back to the couch.

Jessica Sanchez was next.  Jimmy said she did a great Etta James but thought it was all wrong for her to be doing that.  Her next song had all of Jimmy‘s praise. No results, she was sent back to the couch too.  Boring.

Jennifer Lopez was given her once a year performance opportunity.  I’m sure it’s in her contract.  Dance Again has already been released.  I’m pretty sure the Family Show aspects to American Idol are gone, I wouldn’t want my kids to watch or listen to these lyrics.  Curious, Niffer had vocal pitch correction added to her voice.  I don’t believe it was lip-sync’d either, I’ll give her high marks for a genuine stage performance.

All four contestants were called up now.  Each judge was asked to comment about the contestants.  Steven gave Phillip some impression props. Hollie had to be reviewed by  Jennifer and she was very kind.  I think Jennifer really likes Hollie inspite of her recent vocal failures. Randy seemed ready to crown Joshua Ledet the winner judging by his comments.

Jessica was the first to be told she made it to next week.  Joshua Ledet gets to have to fun treatment next week.  Leaving Phillip and Hollie on the stage is a study in contestants going in opposite directions on the show.  However, this season the fans have been fickle so I wasn’t very sure of the results at the commercial break.

The final spot goes to Phillip Phillips… as it should be.

Hollie Cavangh is gone… as it should be.

Thanks for reading this far.