American Idol Journal – Week 1 Jeremy Rosado Is Gone!

Jeremy Rosado

I don’t know why we should consider it a surprise when one of the guys is sent home this evening.  Niffer has already signaled the franchise is hoping for an all female finale.  Since there are seven guys, one must go.  Sadly, Niffer had to choose between her boy Jeremy Rosado or the wish for a female winner.  She and the others voted for gender, it was never really in question.


Oh, did anyone notice Ryan Seacrest’s hair?  Is it me or is he slowly morphing into Dick Clark?


Here is how the night’s events played out.

Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone came up first. It was painful seeing how the judges panned Elise’s performance, I think it effected the voting. And no big surprise, Elise was sent to the chair.

Heejun Han, Colton Dixon and Jermaine Jones were the first of the guys to face the music. I was clear about all three of these guys, Heejun and Colton were very good but Jermaine was unimpressive. Colton could have been one of the higher vote get’ers and I think Heejun is popular enough to survive the early rounds. That left Jermaine to join Elise on the seats to the right.


Also, isn’t this supposed to be “family entertainment”? What’s with all the cleavage Niffer?


Lauren Alaina was the first ‘star’ to sing this evening. She’s come a long way from last season, she has the benefit of practicing the same song long enough to do it well now. She’s also working the stage with comfort too. Who’s to say, perhaps she’ll actually have some staying power on the charts some day.


Next up Erika Van Pelt, Shannon Magraine and Skylar Laine. Without much fanfare Erika was sent over to the seats and joining her was Shannon.


Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Deandre Brackensick and Jeremy Rosado were called to center stage. Phillip was safe, Jeremy was NOT, no surprise there for me. To my surprise, Joshua Ledet was sent over to join the others.


The show had it’s first bottom feeders, six contestants that may have squandered a great opportunity. So, immediately Erika and Joshua were sent back to the safe zone, the bleacher seat. Good for them.  The show seemed to be going at a very fast pace to me, how ’bout you?


Mary J Blige sang next. I like her but not tonight. I think a bit of a disconnect took place, at least for me. What’s with all the cleavage tonight? I guess I’d have to say Niffer brought her A-rack and won the skin contest.


Taking center stage for the semi-final cut, Jermaine, Jeremy, Shannon and Elise. Both Jeremy and Jermaine could have easily been the final two in the typical format, one will be safe for that reason and will never truly know.


Steven thinks Jeremy will go. Jermaine and Shannon avoided the final two status. Randy wouldn’t commit to whether or not America got it right and no one asked Niffer for her opinion.  The entire show, Elise had a nervous, unpleasant look on her face.  Not like the others really, it was almost a scowl. I can’t help but feel her prospects were impacted by the judges comments.  I think the judges effect votes early in the season more than later.


In the end Steven Tyler was the most honest judge and called it right. For my part Jeremy Rosado should have gone too. It was, frankly speaking, no real surprise that the guy in the bottom two would go, after all the contest had to be evened up.


Thanks for reading this far!