American Idol Journal – Week 1 ASHTHON JONES IS GONE!

Tonight’s show had a very weird vibe to it.  Two surprises worthy of note for tonight’s first American Idol Results Show of the 2011 season should be mentioned!

First surprise, and I say this with some authority since I’ve watch all but a handful of these shows in the nine previous seasons, they reached the bottom three in a most unusual way! They have NEVER called out the bottom three in the first two groups, then turn to the others and announced they were safe.

The second surprise and certainly of less significance was Haley Reinhart among those on the bubble.  My only real observation about this is to recall that two season’s ago, Kris Allen spent his share of time in the basement of vote getters until enough voting loyalties changed (due to someone’s favorite being voted off of course) to bring him to an unexpected win.  Haley is not out of it until she is truly OUT of it.

Ashthon Jones is gone!

Although the judges showed their personal bias in her favor by giving her a nod to the Top 13, she never should have been there. Since making the Top 24 her performances have been quite embarrassing for someone who wow’d the judges during Hollywood week.  Even her attempt at saving herself found no support among the judges this evening;

and how could it, suggesting the mantle of Diana Ross was in her grasp was unfair to place on her head, especially at this early stage of the competition.

This show should be a wake-up call for Karen Rodriguez too.  She has a better voice than the one that presented itself on Wednesday, I hope she learns to choose the right songs each week, to have a chance.

Final thoughts…

If Lauren Alaina can’t take simple criticism now, she’s doomed to fall under the pressure.  No one I spoke with thought her performance was dull and certainly not bad. In fact, the judges never said it was ‘bad’.  My only recommendation would be to amp up on the wardrobe for her performances, the ‘look’ she brought to the stage was too ‘common’ for the spotlight she is in.

Can someone please tell Ryan Seacrest to leave the counseling to others, his on stage efforts at giving a struggling contestant advice is weak at best, at worst it is self-serving.  I like Ryan, but not Counselor Ryan.

Lastly, Adam Lambert’s unplugged performance was poor.  The song was overly wordy (much like this review) and attempted to become an Idol ‘moment’.  I like Adam when he has a real ‘show’ going on, he’s that type of performer.  The final nail for me was a gratuitous vocal run to his signature high range near the end of the song, if was unnecessary. Can we say, karaoke?

Do you see it differently?  Leave your comment for others to see.

Thanks for reading this far.