American Idol Journal – Top 24

Randy, Paula, Simon

Thursday Night:

Few disappointments/surprises presented themselves in America’s voting to start the ‘real’ American Idol season.  For me the unexpected presence of Paul McDonald in the Top 5 Men caused some last minute adjustments of the night’s end-game.  I was very impressed the judges picked three guys for retries that were more ‘pure singer’ than showy performer (witness the exit of Jordan Dorcy and the kid with large weird glasses, these two also had some off-putting attitudes during Hollywood week too). Kudos to Stephano for making the cut.

The ladies all appeared as expected until Haley managed the number 5 spot in the Top 5 Ladies, I thought it was going to Naima.  Still Naima made it was a decent clutch performance against competition from only one other female singer.  The real surprise was Ashthon being given the 6th spot on the strength of a terrible second chance effort… did I mention it was terrible? Since the judges surprised everyone (c’mon, you didn’t see it coming all along?) with a 13th overall pick I would have been happier to see Robbie or Jovany, both nailed their attempts at redemption.

Looks like we’ll be putting up with some highly slanted comments from the judges this year, it’s apparent they have an agenda already.  Do you miss Simon yet?  Paula?  I do.

Wednesday Night:

Until the final three gals sang I thought the evening was a train wreck!  What amazes me more than normal is the judges comments.  Randy is reasonably credible, consistent even, with past years.  The “Twins”, S’ven and Niffer lost all my respect with their unwillingness to call out the really bad, off pitch performances.  Frankly speaking, Niffer is channeling Paula Abul even to the point of taking center stage whenever Randy says something honest (which in this case means a negative review)…. “I don’t agree!  I don’t agree!” she’ll protest.  If I’m predicting the Top Six Girls I’d call it like this, Thia Megia, Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, Naima Adedapo, Karen Rodriguez and Lauren Turner, although I’d like to see Rachel Zevita sneak in.


Tuesday Night:

First American Idol night is over. Stand outs for me were James Durbin and Scotty McCreery. I’d like to see Robbie Rosen make the cut as well as Tim Halperin, which would round out nicely if you add them with Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk. I guess we’ll see on Thursday. Who’d you like/actually think can win it?


We’ll see Thursday, won’t we.

Thanks for reading this far.