American Idol Journal: The First Results Night

American Idol Chopping Block

For the first results week they put the contestants in groups of three and four.  Sometimes only one went through, sometimes two and on one occasion, none!  I know, right!  NONE?!  I think that’s just cruel.  I suppose they’ve tested these ideas and determined it keeps it fresh and unpredictable.


My original blog included a blow by blow discussion of the selections from voting America, I decided the real drama this evening occurred in ‘wild card’ process.  Who can argue with the actual votes, right?  In the end the contestants that made a connection with the fans made it to the real show.


The first ten voted on by America were:


The Men:
1. Phillip Phillips, 2. Joshua Ledet, 3. Heejun Han, 4. Colton Dixon, 5. Jermaine Jones


The Ladies:
1. Jessica Sanchez, 2. Hollie Cavanagh, 3. Skylar Laine, 4. Shannon Magraine, 5. Elise Testone


The only real surprise during the regular show was when a group of three men, Aaron Marchellus, Creighton Fraker and Reed Grimm were brought up and then told none of them would be going through.  From my earlier review I thought that two of these guys would make it.  I had believed Reed Grimm would be the contestant to beat, barring that my next choice would be Phillip Phillips.  We’ll see starting next week.


Six contestants were selected to sing for the final two spots.  Jen Hirsh was the first to sing, she wanted to show she could stand out from the crowd.  It was an unimpressive effort, she wasted her second chance on a tired old song. Jeremy Rosado sang next. It was clear from the other night the Niffer had it bad for this young man.  His performance was average at best and at the end he added a nice touch by crying. Niffer joined in leaving anyone else to believe she would bully the other judges to get him in the show. Brielle Von Hugel’s second chance didn’t impress the judges at all and for once they didn’t hold back.  Considering the cry fest that just took place I don’t see how anyone could have followed and performed well. I wouldn’t have been as tough on her as the judges. Deandre Brackensick, you know, Mr. Falsetto sang Georigia.  It was an awkward performance that included his ‘signature’ falsetto too. Will someone tell him the Bee Gees already wore that suit! Erika Van Pelt sang a Lady Ga Ga tune. It was the same tune the Ga Girl did last season on American Idol which showed her in sexual congress with her studly stand-in. The judges went wild for her.  Another obvious shoe in if you believe their reaction. Reed Grimm got the last slot.  My man was back!  He sang Bill Withers Use Me Up, mixing great vocals, a bit of rap and some scat all while working the audience and guiding the band.  Simply amazing… and apparently not enough on the end.


The first two final choices were obvious, Erika Van Pelt and Jeremy Rosado.  The final choice, made by Steven Tyler, was of all people, Deandre Brackensick.  I saw the other two coming from judges comments, not the last one.


Another surprise for me was having seven men in the show immediately, given the judges have been making some noise about the drought of female winners I was sure they’d stack the deck this year.  It didn’t happen.  We should remember that the Top 10 were actually voted for, the others didn’t garner enough votes to avoid the second chance round.  It’s sobering to know America can correct some of the judges mistakes and likely will.


I think the men stack up better this year once again. The first five men in the list below are better than all of the other females.  Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone will be the only one to truly compete with them… but I could be wrong, right?


So, the real show starts next week with the following line up:


The Men:
1. Phillip Phillips, 2. Joshua Ledet, 3. Heejun Han, 4. Colton Dixon, 5. Jermaine Jones, 6. Jeremy Rosado, 7. Deandre Brackensick


The Ladies:
1. Jessica Sanchez, 2.Hollie Cavanagh, 3. Skylar Laine, 4. Shannon Magraine, 5. Elise Testone, 6. Erika Van Pelt.


Thanks for reading this far!