American Idol Journal – Since when did this ever happen?

I suppose the American Idol folks won’t take ‘NO’ for an answer when it comes to their real choice as winner, Lauren Alaina.  I’ve been keeping tabs on appearances of the AI Season 10 winner and his appearances.  Would it surprise you to know that Scotty McCreery is ‘sharing’ to limelight with the runner up at public and media appearances?  Since when did this ever happen?

The latest stage sharing event is at the CMA’s this week.  Scotty is quick to get acknowledged the ‘winner’ but in the same breath Lauren is fawned over as the runner up.  I don’t recall any other Idol winner sharing the stage like this unless all of them were present, it’s true that so far the Top 4 have made an appearance or two and that certainly breaks from the past also… just to be fair.  Since, when Scotty shows up, so does Lauren, it’s hard to separate to the crowd whom it was that really won.

Scotty, you’re being played.

Consider this piece my first post-American Idol rant, I’m sure more will follow.

Thanks for reading this far.