American Idol Journal: Let the games begin!

Yes, the long wait for the official American Idol 2012 Season to start ended tonight with the boys singing first.  Like in the more recent, but past years, they’ve divided the initial performance nights into boys and girls.  Sadly, the goal is to have an even number of boys and girls for the final 12 contestants.  By definition that means the best 12 will never see the stage to openly compete since the odds of the split being equal are quite high.


Reed Grimm, the man is amazing.  Tonight he sang Move Like Jagger then played the drums.  Grimm was born and bred to entertain.  After his performances in Las Vegas I determined he was the cool cat to beat this year, I see him going coast to coast without a night in the bottom three.  Of course I’ve been wrong before.

Adam Brock sang Aretha Franklin… REALLY girlfriend?  I like Adam’s voice not the “inner black woman” vibes he’s trying to go for… REALLY girlfriend??  In the end I like Aretha better and his performance came off as a bit wedding singer to me.  Niffer said he finally hit it at the end and that is what she was waiting for, perhaps she should raise her expectations a bit.


Deandre Brackensick  and Earth Wind and Fire’ Reason in a total falsetto.  A tactical mistake, it’s so 70’s and he lacks the quality the Bee Gees brought to that style.  I’m already getting tired of Niffer, she’s cheerleading right out of the gate. I find it hard to believe that Randy actually believes he’s one of the most marketable contestants right out of the box AI has ever seen.  I think this is something of an insult to Kelly, Carrie and Scotty, what do you think?


Colton Dixon, the guy who didn’t really want to be on the show this year performed next. Lots of yelling on stage. I may have missed it but I believe this one an original tune??  Someone help me here.  He was absolutely original even if vocally off at times.  Exciting to watch him and like Niffer said, he’s current and relevant.   I think we’ll be seeing a lot of him this season.


Jeremy  Rosado did a Sara Bareilles song.  I think both Aretha and Sara sing and write pretty much girl music and so far tonight we have two Idol hopefuls getting in touch with their inner diva.  Not sure this will resonate with the voters.  Still, Jer-bear nailed the song and used all his vocal tools in the process.


Aaron Marcellus was up next singing Never Can Say Goodbye by the Jacksons.  Aaron is truly a ready to go cool performer.  I could listen to this guy now.  He’ll be in the hunt I think, he just has to make it to the final 12.


Chase Likens is one of the country style singers this season.  Since Scotty went coast to coast last year it has given hope to many good country singers.  He sang Storm Warning, kickin’ it with cowboy boots, workin’ the stage like a seasoned pro.  A solid performance all the way around.


Creighton Fraker sang an 80’s tune, True Colors by Cindi Lauper (Girls Just Want To Have Fun).  He’s not my favorite sing erbut what a ham!  He’s mister personality in front of a camera. American Idol has become more of a talent/personality show for the past few years so he should do well.


Phillip Phillips  is a Dave Matthews clone, and a good one at that, he even has the foot work down too.  He sang I Can Feel It In The Air Tonight, a Phil Collin’s tune and hit it out of the ball park!  He took a risk by putting his own version on stage tonight, it worked for me.  I hope he stays, he could give guys like Reed Grimm a run.


Eben Franckewitz sang Set Fire To The Rain.  Too bad he sang flat for most of the song.  Even Niffer winced in pain.  I think he couldn’t hear himself.  He’s the first of the night that appeared to have a serious challenge with hearing himself to stay on pitch.  Steven said it was just pretty good.


Heejun Han was up next, he’s a very opinionated New Yorker.  He said he wants to melt hearts.  I wouldn’t believe HE could ever do that but… the guy got voice!   Jennifer, Steven and Randy all agree that the song he sang wasn’t the best selection but still said they like him. Perhaps they just want to all be ‘positive’ tonight and pull their punches.  I’ll repeat myself, the guy got voice!  I liked him tonight.


Joshua Ledet is singing at a time when this evenings show is starting to feel long in the tooth. I think he started out slow, found his stride and sang well.  The judges stood up for him… it wasn’t THAT good.  I think it’s all trying to sell the show and perhaps Ledet too.  I also think Steven Tyler is starting out strong again, he gives some of the best compliments I’ve ever heard.


Mister 13th Contestant for tonight was (drum roll please)….. the gentle giant, Jermaine Jones.  He sang, Dance With My Father in that amazing bass voice.  I don’t think he has a chance to win this competition, however, it would be nice to see him get a shot at the Top 12.


The Top Five will go directly to the ‘Show’, I think the judges will bring two or three of the others back to compete for the final boy spot. Here are my selections for the Top Five of the night, Reed Grimm, Colton Dixon, Aaron Marcellus, Phillip Phillips and Heejun Han.  Yes, I know, this list leaves some very good singers off the stage but it’s how they are running the show these days.  They want it to be an equal number of boys and girls.


Thanks for reading this far!