Ah romance!

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Nothing is better to “wile away the hours” than thoughts of a new love. At times like this my thoughts race back to the first time I recall being in love, albeit through the eyes of a five year old.It was at the age of five that I first felt the unexplainable, sometimes unsettling, feeling of the affects a woman could have on me. She was a younger girl by about a year or so, her name was Rueha (Roo-ha).I don’t recall anything more than a kiss on the cheek from her during one visit while I was sick with the mumps, but each time we played together I was always smitten by her cute smile and tender way towards me.Once we moved I never knew what became of her, obviously the big people gave little thought to our storied romance.

I have a wonderful extended family, from kids, to parents, to siblings, to nieces and nephew’s, all greet with equal enthusiasm anyone I bring around.

Parents are usually the ones with the most to say and commentary is never far from my mother. I’m quite sure she’s abandoned any appearance of an inner monologue at this stage of her life as she wastes little time in cutting to the chase.”Any sickness in your family?”, “What do you do for a living?”, “Own a home?” Each question launched with the military precision that only drill sergeants and mothers possess. Dad is happy to engage in conversation and carefully elicits the necessary information through polite humor and tasteful stories of bygone days…he’s a retired law professor wouldn’t you know, he’ll draw anyone from their shell.

My son has suddenly developed some confidence in expressing his views too.He will tell me how my current muse stacks up against the past ones and, quite remarkably, supports his view with impressive analysis. My daughter isn’t so quick with her opinions, she’s a Gemini and ‘both of her’ must fully evaluate any female suitor before going down that road. I think I have taught her well in that regard.

Spring and autumn seem to be the seasons most full of romance, with each new love summer’s heat is more bearable and winter’s chill less harsh too.This autumn I am in full swing with a grand romance, romantic dinners out, surprise cards with expressions of fond sentiment, football jersey’s dawned while cheering the home team at a local sports bar, and even reliving past seasons of ’24’ while curled up on the couch.It is such connections that give rise to optimism about our futures, even in our darker moments, don’t you think?

She’s passed the cave pet test too and I find him more protective of her than me.Fang is so transparent. Grog is even using soft pastels on the walls these days.

Both of my previous courtships that led to marriage weren’t affected by my family’s personal editorials since they didn’t meet my wives prior to the nuptials.This time I brought my lovely Canadian flower around for all to meet. (Even my ex-wives want ‘in’ this time, asking when they too can meet her. I think they both sense a plot complication about to happen in our ongoing drama, my character may soon have a new ally! ) After each visit someone in the family asks when they can expect nuptials…have they no shame?

I have no problems, the world is at peace, ain’t love grand!

Thanks for reading this far.


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8 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    Hey this is awesome news…I'm terribly happy for you…though a bit disappointed at my lagging for it obviously cost me a trip to Vegas…:) In all seriousness…life is grand and I couldn't be more happy for you…*hugs*

  2. Rose J. says:

    I'm with Monica, inquiring minds want to know! She sounds wonderful to pass the family test, those can be tough, for sure. Who knows? This may end up having a happy ending like mine (ya gotta read my blog story on me and paul, lol)!! I hope all goes well and many happy wishes for you both!

  3. Sandy B says:

    About time you filled us in. She's lovely. Congratulations, way to go!

  4. MARILYN L says:

    And I was just going to e-mail you and ask about "Canada girl!" Good for you Tim! Love is deliciously wonderful (I am in love, too!) Have a terrific time. I am happy for you. You are a great guy-I am sure she's a great gal. Rock on, Tim.

  5. Monica says:

    Ummmm….well I have no shame!!! Enquiring minds want to know??? LOL Sounds like you two are having a wonderful time with your grand romance!! ((((HUGS)))) to both of you!!

  6. Sunny Bee says:

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!

  7. Donna says:

    Aha! No wonder you haven't been blogging for a while, You have a real life! That's great, congratulations!

  8. **** says:

    Woohooo! Wow–reading this,…I can feel oohey goohey love seeping from the lines of the page. GAK!!! *Kidding*! I think that is so wonderful,….congrats to you Tim,…you deserve it! Love is grand alright! Enjoy every second with your new love. Wish you the best and will look forward to the wedding invite–lol!