Gender Studies


Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary minor program that examines the construction of gendered and sexual norms, structural inequalities, and socio-cultural differences, as well as expressions and experiences of identity through an intersectional lens.  Students will study the relationship between knowledge and power through a range of disciplines and methodologies in domestic and global contexts. As a field, Gender Studies is committed to interrogating injustices and imagining just and equitable futures. 


The gender studies minor requires seven courses. Only Introduction to Gender Studies is required. The remaining six courses can be selected from a range of classes in other disciplines but must include one course each in two of the three divisions—Humanities, Social Studies, and Science & Mathematics. The program provides a solid background in the significant issues of gender studies scholarship, allows some flexibility in tailoring the program, and enables you to synthesize these concepts with your major program(s).

Minor Requirements

Gender Studies Faculty

Andrea Abrams

Andrea Abrams

  • Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion • Associate Professor of Anthropology
Eva Cadavid headshot

Eva Cadavid

  • Paul L. Cantrell Associate Professor of Philosophy • Chair of Gender Studies Program

Chelsea Cutright

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of International Studies and Anthropology
Sara Egge

Sara Egge

  • Claude D. Pottinger Professor of History
Nisha Gupta portrait

Nisha Gupta

  • Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Assistant Professor, Education, Philosophy, and Gender Studies
Matthew Pierce headshot

Matthew Pierce

  • Associate Professor of Religion • Religion Program Chair

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