About Tim

You cannot do something well until you are ready to commit measurable time to the effort. Be it composing music or blogging, your ability to communicate a message will increase as you climb into that skin and wear it well.

Nov 2007, Lake Tahoe

I have a long and certainly colorful past that includes life as a performing/recording artist, a career in both electronics research and development, desktop programming, and website development, all while serving in a number of churches as a Minister of Music and Associate Pastor.  Included in my ministry background you would find nearly a dozen musical/ministry protege’s and a few churches I helped to plant.

It would seem, at first pass, that my life has been somewhat glamorous, after all, I’ve worn many hats. The resume wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the tough times, some of my own doing, others at the hands of unhappy sojourners in life.

I’ve arrived at this station in life free of my youthful mistakes, concluding that we’re all exploring the same forest, so why diminish others by misguided judgments when I only have to walk their path to truly see as they do.

Yes, I play guitar

Yes, I play guitar

In August 2006 I began to write, not much of a ‘style’ was evident in the beginning but in a few months I discovered I could ‘tell a story’. Most of my posts are from lessons learned in life, some universal, others much more personal in application.  If you take the time to read my collection I’m sure you’ll find some common ground with me. I hope you take the time to share your own thoughts.

I’m married and life is good.  Our two families have become one, as if it were always so. Behind me is only a fading past, in front is a hope and a dream, today however I live in the moment because it’s all I really have.

My music site is found at http://www.timhief.com.  Between there and here, you will feel as though you know me.