A Toast for Aki, At 50

AkiAki Wright is an old friend who, I guess, is now an old friend. But I’d still like to toast him — and all of you out there at 50 or over — because, having made it this far, we deserve it. Here’s my “Toast for a Man at 50.” Happy birthday Aki!

A Toast For a Man at 50

When a man arrives at fifty years,
He oft’ confronts those haunting fears,
Of days gone lost,
Of dreams of glory
Left behind in youthful story.

He checks the mirror and finds the line
Marking face and marking time.
And that’s not all! Cruel Gravity
Conspires to mar virility,
Drawing downward in direction
That irony on the term,

Fear not!
For fifty gives the grace,
Of having earned what is your face,
Of throwing off the trying to be,
What others want—or need—to see;
And casting much aside to find
Authentic self in heart and mind.

And body?‘
Tis true, corporeal horn,
At times takes less…resilient…form.
Do not despair! Lo! Should you need,
Pharmaceuticals will do the deed!

Embrace Fair fifty, be the bolder,
And quick — you’re only getting older.


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2 Responses

  1. Aki Wright says:

    Eric, I am so impressed and appreciative! With a few strokes of your mighty quill and classic prose, you have immortalized me! Wow….pretty cool!

  2. Tim Hief says:

    Happy Birthday Aki! Great poem Eric.