A Star Is Born

Annie_in_the_CanyonMy Tahoe honeymoon ended on a short flight home to a much cooler Seattle then the one we left the Friday before, thankfully a short week awaited me at work. By mid Tuesday morning the die was cast, the first of many phone calls came in.

My wife had met everyone in my family one time prior to our nuptials, she’d made a huge impression on them. Her manner is a gentle one, quick smiles and freely given hugs were tools used to disarm even to most cautious of the clan. My mother in particular wanted to show her acceptance and without much delay started calling daily to say hello and offer to meet for lunch or coffee. One such call garnered an invite to a meal at their home, another to IHOP for a Sunday morning brunch, and before the week was over at least three more calls logged to implore her to drive careful in the storm that hit our area.

Mom was never one to contain her excitement when someone new came on the scene, her enthusiasm could power a football team to the playoffs.

We arrived at the local IHOP a few minutes early and secured a booth. Mom and dad showed up five minutes later with mom announcing my sister and husband were coming too. Dad muttered under his breath all hope of adult conversation was now out the window. My sister is as bubbly and personable as they come, willing to talk about most anything, but a focused, deep thinker she is not. Still, she is a welcomed addition to any social event and can carry the day if needs be.

My brother and his wife were quick to block off time too, they requested our presence for Friday night dinner and games. My older sister, not given to much socializing in recent years, has been in attendance for a few other magical seasonal gatherings of late too. All gravitate to my wife, mesmerized by her Canadian accent, as she tirelessly repeats the same stories to the same predictable questions. I suggest she record one such recital and distribute it royalty free.

Then it dawns on me… A Star Is Born (queue the Canadian National Anthem!) My wife has been elevated to star status in the family. She could arrive at a family event just to shake a few hands, sign a few autographs and kiss babies and all would be happy. I should have seen it coming of course, her charming personality, polite accent, self-effacing humor and winning smile won me over with little resistance. My family never had a chance.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this behavior. With each new addition to the family a sort of family media frenzy ensues, the new star must be photographed and talked about until we’re sure all the stories have been given their proper attention. My brother’s wife, now a seasoned family commentator, was the star just 16 months ago.

I’ve tinted the car windows, bought her a large brimmed hat with matching dark sunglasses, and posted “No Paparazzi” signs hoping to secure some privacy for her. Oh the burden of sudden popularity.

Thanks for reading this far.


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3 Responses

  1. Rose J. says:

    Make sure you walk 2 steps behind her to follow royalty protocol, lol. Your wife sounds likes a wonderful person:) Congrats!

  2. **** says:

    Oh that is just adorable–she IS the star now, isn't she? Just keep an eye on that sister in law (the has-been from 16 months ago). She might try and fake a stay in rehab to regain paparazzi attention.

  3. Sunny Bee says:

    Awwwww…that's the sweetest!!!! I'm glad everyone appreciates her, and loves her.