A Rose By Any Other Name


I’m somewhat of an obsessive compulsive type, in fact, I’ve spent some amount of time considering this conclusion, even to the point of obsessing over it. At first I was worried that I was sick, or broken in some fashion, after all, you can find descriptions in medical journals about my type.’ OC’s are identified by other names too, more precise than generalized, characterizing how we focus our energies.

For example, if I vacuumed each time someone left my home after a visit I would most certainly be referred to as a ‘clean freak.’ Here’s another, if I spent all my extra time working on a perfect jazz music collection, I’d be thought of as an ‘audiophile.’ OC’s don’t really lead balanced lives as most would view it, I certainly don’t. Yet, the greatest accomplishments I can recall I would ascribe to obsessed people. Notable OC’s include the likes of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Ted Turner, and Steve Jobs.

The mistress known as ‘obsession’ may make you wealthy or may leave you destitute, but she will always leave you wanting.

(I could end here but I’m obsessing now.) Some remain in relationships long after they have enough information to be certain of its failure, they are known as ‘faithful to the end‘. Some hang on to ways of doing things even when better ways have come along, they are known as a ‘purist‘. My dad asked on several occasions if it was possible to load an old copy of WordPerfect 5.1 (the DOS version) on to his computer. “Of course it’s possible,” I would respond, “but why?” He spent all those many years writing movie and TV scripts with WordPerfect and he was certain it was the best vehicle for doing so. He’s a modern version of a reporter not giving up his Underwood (…that’s a manual typewriter for you younger folks.)

I find great satisfaction with blogging; my obsession growing since I began to write on Yahoo! 360 in August of 2006. Many on my Friend’s List share the same obsession as I regarding the comfortable feel our community has, not wanting it to change. Change is coming; I’ve been given plenty of notice too.

In considering a new blog home I distilled 360 down to its core features so I could rightly evaluate all suitors. At the core I listed the following: the friends list, blogging with comments allowed, picture galleries, the quick comment section, and the ever popular ‘Blast.’ Many blog sites have all these features but don’t have the same look and feel as I am accustomed too, hence, I resist accepting them.

I’ve been auditioning several sites and have determined most have moved far beyond where the Yahoo! 360 left off. I’m on a site now that nearly replicates the look and feel of 360 though I had to ‘move the pieces’ around to make it so. In addition, it has many enhanced features too, ones that Yahoo should have implemented to keep up with the march of time. It is the proverbial “rose by any other name is still a rose” conclusion.

So, no prize for going down with the ship, faithful to the end is meaningless in this case. I have a central furnace and don’t have to burn wood to keep warm. I have comfortable 50k mile tires instead of the hard rubber ones of yesteryear, and I have a rose by another name to call my blog home.

If I obsess at reinventing how the world uses technology, will you call me ‘Bill Gates?’

By the way, dad is learning Microsoft Word now.

Thanks for reading this far.


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3 Responses

  1. ugli says:

    I spent 2 hours this morning writing a blog and when I went to preview it for proofing it disappeared. lol
    With Yahoo360, I never know what twist I will be faced with. A most unpredictable website this Yahoo360, a labyrinth of some sort and now Microsoft has offered 45 bizillions to buy Yahoo.

  2. Sandy B says:

    is that terrific other site Multiply? I'm having difficulties with that one, so I'll just stick with myspace and facebook. I'll miss your terrific blogs. Selamat jalan, have a wonderful life, Mr. Tim – it's good to know everything is going so well for you!

  3. [deleted] says:

    ups and downs…that's what it's all about