A Dream’s First Steps

Do you know where your dream first began to walk on it’s own? I considered this very question as last year was closing out and the new one drew near. My recollection spanned two calendar years to finally rediscover those first steps.

My dream was conceived while still married in 2005, it was my seventh year being married… for the second time. By the middle of 2005 my dream had begun to take shape, it was like a baby to me and once it was born I nurtured it along like any parent of a new born. Even as my marriage ended, my dream was an anchor to keep me steadfast in the harbor.

Blown about by a stormy summer of broken hopes, the dream was a catalyst for reclaiming my future. By summer’s end (2005) I was entrenching myself in a new romantic effort.

And yes, it was way too soon, but you can’t tell a wounded heart how to heal, that is best left to God and out reached arms of time, welcoming me into each new week, and then month.

My dream took shape and even matured, before long it was carrying it’s own weight and at one point saving me from certain calamity in 2006.

My dream was to fix up my home, to improve it with the wise use of modest funds and my own sweat. I considered the effort for months, determined that my future would be more secure by such endeavors. I purchased a home in Tacoma and thus gave birth to the dream.

However, it wasn’t until I replaced the broken down old mailbox that my dream took it’s first steps. That first step gave way to a second step, replacing a very leaky, outdated faucet in the kitchen with an amazing new one. The third step was painting the master bathroom, and so on.

On the final day of the year I was sharing some thoughts about glasses that are half full, or half empty. I confessed I was a glass half empty person. I don’t know about you of course, but as for me, I’m not sitting at this table in life for just one drink, if I were then a half full glass at this point would be wonderful. However, at this table I can have my glass topped off each time it is half empty…. and i think that is a very positive thing, don’t you?

The true test of a dream is one that will survive the winds of change, even the most debilitating of personal upheavals.

My dream is an example of that. I have a mailbox to show as the marker for first steps. I have other dreams that live on now because of the success this one dream. Some are business related, others of a more personal, romantic nature, but all are empowered by walking out to the mailbox each day and seeing how such a simple step can change my life.

Do you have a “mailbox” that needs replacing?

Thanks for reading this far. Happy New Year!


2 comments for “A Dream’s First Steps

  1. Debra ^j^
    January 1, 2007 at 11:08 pm

    Hey Tim,

    There's a guy on my site, "Mentor For Success," with some good blogs about becoming successful and I am sure more to come. His entry for January 2nd is called "The Formula for Success," here's a few sentences towards the end of his blog:

    "How do you keep on keeping on and Never Give Up? It can be an overwhelming challenge not to give up at times. The finish line can seem like miles away. However these challenges and obstacles are all part of the fun and the process. Success is not easy you must constantly work on it.

    The bottom line is the only way you lose is by quitting. Continue to drive on with all your passions and enthusiasm. Realize that what your mind and soul can imagine, the body can truly create and bring forth into existence.

    You must first believe in yourselves. Second, you most believe in what they are planning on doing. Lastly, you must take ACTION."

    You might want to check his blogs out if not for info, as I am sure you know most of this, but for continued encouragement. This has always been my issue for not continuing the momentum; the lack of a cheerleader and someone to be accountable to.

    I believe in you, Tim!

  2. ****
    January 1, 2007 at 7:14 am

    Funny you should mention mailboxes needing replacing –(because mine REALLY does) LOL! It is about the ONLY thing we haven't replaced in this house. Interesting that you STARTED there. It makes sense–it is the portal to your residence–well, other than the door, and the driveway, that is. My dream was to create a situation for myself so that I could work out of my home and have more time with these kiddos of mine. That came true for me about 3 years ago. I have never looked back. Congrats on achieveing yours, and here's to many more coming true in the future.

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