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Colton Dixon started off the night. He sang a song by Lighthouse, a gospel song. Jimmy really likes his chances this week to break from the pack. Stevie didn't really 'get' the song, she thought it was a love song to a woman. Ouch. Continue reading

Yes, this first one is late, don’t be hating.  I find myself watching less regularly scheduled programming from my cable television service and more of my own programming. This weeks selection for Netflix Friday is a great example of why!

I have to admit, in advance, I’m a SciFi+Action+Spy video enthusiast! This is a very recent release with Angelina Jolie in the starring role,  SALT!

I have created my very own category for this type of video, I call the “Enemy of the State” movies.  This movie has all the action and drama that makes this type my favorite. Best of all, you can stream it on Netflix for awhile! Continue reading

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"Note? What note?"

[The fourth in a series. You may want to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 first.]

Jeremy was confused. The doctor seemed to have no idea what was going on.

“I got the note, ” began Jeremy.

Note?” responded the doctor, suddenly perplexed.

“About a contact,” he offered.

“Contact?” she responded. This was getting nowhere. Why wouldn’t they ever just come out and say what they meant? Continue reading

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The US and Britain are slowly clawing themselves out of the "Great Recession” (with the Eurozone threatening to drag us all back in). There’s been a lot of screaming about what the government did, should, or shouldn't have done, and whether its attempt to restart our economic engine by shoveling money into it will feed the fire or just smother future growth under a pile of debt. Now, whether or not the government did the worst thing it could possibly do with the various bailouts, or just did what had to be done at the time (unpopular as it may be now) in order to keep the whole mess from going over the precipice, I will leave to others. Continue reading

Congratulations! You get a funny hat!

Click-click-click. Tap-tap  … “Is this thing on?”

“Okay, can you hear me back there? Check … one … two … check … check. Okay? Okay.”


Today you can be justifiably proud. Your have learned to think more deeply, consistently, and reflectively. You have learned to express yourself more clearly, to say what you mean, and to support your assertions with good evidence. You have learned to address problems in light of both their historical and present contexts, and to consider alternate perspectives charitably. You have been exposed, wherever possible, to global perspectives on the world and its problems, and have been encouraged to see your own interests in the context of the interests of others. The fact that you are sitting here before me today, in robes and funny hats [laugh], is testament to the fact that you have done well. And so, would you — faculty, administration, staff; families, and fellow-students — please rise and give our graduates the applause they so richly deserve.


And now, even as we celebrate your accomplishments, it is my somber duty to inform you that none of this is going to matter.

At least at first. Continue reading

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Ok, the Nissan 300 ZX didn’t work out (if you can believe this, it was too cheap and no one wanted to fund a vehicle that inexpensive), BUT… and this is a big BUT…. the 2004 Chrysler Crossfire did!!! As… Continue reading

I'm always excited for the first week of 'real' competition on American Idol, for me at least, the anticipation and payoff are rarely disappointing. Tonight was no exception. Four of the contestants were true standouts for me and you'll soon discover who they are. The franchise seems to be changing things up a bit directly out of the gate. Tonight the guys and gals will be competing against each other, meaning after the bottom two contestants are identified during the results night tomorrow, the judges will make the final decision about which will remain. Continue reading
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