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Change the songs and the clothes and this is something of a Week 3 Redux. Solid performances by eight of the contestants, the remaining three were a bit of a disappointment. Haley Reinhart Once again I am struck by the few singers that performed well enough but were forgotten, at least until the recap... Continue reading

Stefano Langone

This week was full of surprises, mostly just how many of the contestants were painfully off pitch.  When this many have pitch issues it usually signals monitor problems. All that having been said, a few managed to sing on pitch and deserve kudos for pressing on through the challenges of the night.  One last observation before my ‘votes’, the music never really got going tonight.

I can’t put my finger on it exactly, the mix of the band was very subdued and the arrangements were, frankly speaking, boring, which all made for a slow night.

Standouts this evening were Stefano Langone (he owned the night) and Scotty McCreery (solid again and oddly… fresh).

Average performances, and clearly short of the top two, were Thia Megia, Pia Toscan0, Karen Rodriguez, Haley Reinhart (rough start but finished strong) and Lauren Alaina.

Disappointments for the evening, James Durbin (not one note on pitch), a screeching Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk once again.

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Brian and I out on the Puget Sound. This is just before the submarine struck.

You’ll be lucky to come home alive, I just know it,” Susan glumly said to me as I was about ready to head out the door.

We’ll be fine,” I assured her, picking up the thermos and grabbing my lunch out of the fridge. “Just fine.”

“It’s, Brian,” she replied, “and a boat.”

She had a point.

Still, it had been years since Brian and I had a chance to go fishing out at the ocean together, and I wasn’t going to miss it. “Just fine,” I repeated. That’s all I could really get away with. “I’ll call you when we’re back on shore.”

Before I get too far into this story, I should tell you that my brother is the Master of Disaster. With Brian, if it can crash, sink, erupt into flames, have parts fly off, roll over, or explode into bits, it probably will. Especially if “it” is a boat or a car. Continue reading

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This is the point in time when the effort to "have it better than me" pays off for a father. He got his first laptop at 11 years of age, now nearly 15, he navigates the Internet, mining information as if he'd been born to it. And all because "have it better than me" was bearing fruits. Continue reading

If we could just figure out which patients to pin the blame on for higher health care, would our health care be better and less costly?

As we come to yet another crisis point in trying to achieve an American solution to the inefficiency, inequity, and incompetence of our American health care system, I thought that I might weigh with an idea.

On the way home a while back, there was a call-in show on NPR about costs in health care. More than a few people called in to suggest that those who burden the health care system with their bad choices (smokers and the obese in particular) should be denied coverage and treatment. That got me thinking about how we might combine our concern for personal responsibility, the need to assign blame, and our current inability to fund health care to come up with an equitable solution.

Now I’m not an expert on health care costs and policy, but I think I might have come up a fair approach. Here’s my modest proposal:

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This got me to thinking about our early years as a country. Being a representative was not for the casual person. In fact, historians generally agree the business of running the government was meant for the wealthy, educated folks of the day. Continue reading
One of the reasons I enjoy the beach is it's timeless existence. The beach is largely unchanged from year to year and so I can relive moments that were special with each visit. The picture above was taken in September of 2005, I could have posted similar pictures from each visit since then too. Timeless, eternal, enduring, consistant, vigilant.... what would you say of the beach? Continue reading
So, you may ask, why does this rank and one of the most significant moments of my already event crowded year? Because my brother broke out of his guarded comfort zone and decided to fly again, to soar on the wings of love. This year my brother has a bit of hero status with me. I am the risk taker in the family, more than the others, but he showed that love at first site is real and that dream matches do exist. Continue reading
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