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Hollie Cavanagh

At some point my prediction of Hollie‘s departure was bound to be correct, I honestly thought it was bound to be correct many weeks ago however!  I think of Colton Dixon and Elise Testone at a time like this and lament that their fan base was not aggressive enough to save them from their premature departures.

Phillip Phillips was the first to face the music.  Jimmy liked everything Phillip did last evening and thought he has finally found his ‘voice’.  No results, he was sent back to the couch.

Hollie Cavanagh was next.  Jimmy thinks Hollie is going in the wrong direction.  He characterized her performances last night as a crash and burn. No results, she was sent back to the couch too. Continue reading

Joshua Ledet - Did he connect?

AKON is the guest mentor, he seemed to offer only good things about each contestant, I’m suspect when a mentor won’t speak of the challenges their mentorees have.  Tommy Hilfiger was featured in the beginning of the show emphasising the attention to style that is injected this year.


Skylar Laine sang a relatively unknown song by Kelly PicklerPickler is a former Idol contestant and has managed a successful career in country music, she was also a guest on last weeks show.  I think this is her first time starting out the show and it was a solid outing as Skylar goes.  It’s pretty much straight up country.  Randy thought she could have a hit with this song, Jennifer rambled on about her pitch (which was spot on be the way) and Steven referred to her singing as a “complete sentence”.

Continue reading

This week’s Netflix Friday is another interesting political documentary, “Loose Change 9/11, An American Coup”.  You’ll come to your own conclusions, I certainly have an opinion about it at this point, having seen it for the third time.

It’s a film that is not kind to the memory of President Roosevelt, President Johnson and President Bush. In fact, a bit of setup to the rest of the film is spent on a discussion about Hitler.  One quote coming from Hitler could have come directly from some our recent political rhetoric on the subject of national security and the safety of our citizens.

At the time of 9/11 and the events that took place for a couple of years afterwards, America didn’t seem to be interested in any ‘truth’ other than the one being offered up. Yes, I know, some started to question the attack immediately, but their voice was lost in the sea of patriotism that allowed the Patriot Act to be ushered in without so much as a real whimper of resistance.

So, now that our war in the middle east has become our longest running conflict, many like me are starting to look over the fence to see why anyone could have even questioned the motives of our leaders… I’m a conservative and I not so sure we had all the correct details to justify this war.

The film is presented in a non-offensive fashion, even the most right wing of us out there will have to pause at some of the details offered, and reevaluate. Continue reading

Is this what all those tutors, lessons, sports, and camps, angst about toys, playtime, socialization and discipline, fights about homework, college prep, lectures about drugs and alcohol were about? Is all the money we pour into our little critters, all that time spent hovering over every detail of their lives, and all that driving -- only intended to churn out another child’s personal assistant? Continue reading
I am reexamining my television viewing habits, not so much 'when' of my viewing routine but the cost vs cheaper alternatives. Much to my surprise I have discovered that most of the major networks offer their normal programming online for FREE! You just don't get to watch it for free the same week it originally airs. Hmmm... I can live with that. Continue reading
But you know, it just shouldn't be the role of the people going through the divorce to convince you that their divorce would be okay for you. It isn't your divorce. It isn't up to you. You're not their judge and jury. If you're their friend, be a friend. If you're their family, be their family. Maybe you do know better. Good for you. But this is not your moment to play Judge Judy, Dear Abby, Solomon, or Freud. Do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up. Continue reading

Oh dear, this is not good ...

[Part 3 of a series. You should read Part 1 and Part 2 first.]

What’s the matter?” Vince feigned, as Jer stumbled into the room clutching a little piece of white paper and a torn white envelope. “You look awful.”

“You were right,” Jer choked out, handing Vince the crumpled note before he collapsed on the bed, “I knew it! Oh my god o my god o my god …”

Vince had prepared his best “I’m shocked, shocked!” routine, but he hadn’t been prepared for the depth of despair and anguish. All he could muster as he pretended to read the note was a faint, “Holy cow!” which ironically made his reaction seem even more sincere. “Come on, Jer,” he offered supportively, “You probably don’t have …” Continue reading

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