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James Durbin

It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks.  Don’t be so surprised, the folks that produce the show finally corrected the monitoring issues  and magically, everyone sang on pitch for the most part (at least nothing worth mentioning).

The night started slow for me (for you, for me), Casey Abrams didn’t light me up but it was a solid performance (you’re gonna hear a lot of that phrase).  Thia Megia sang a nice up tempo song, best female voice this year, but I found myself forgetting what she sang and that spells continued trouble for her. Lauren Alaina gave a solid performance but I can’t help but think Simon would have called it karaoke.  Can you hear him saying that to her?  I sure can.Jacob Lusk finally redeemed himself in my view, his was the first standout performance amid many other solid performances.  Also, wouldn’t it be nice if Ryan Seacrest went through a “Crowd Control 101 for MC;s” class of some sort?

Haley Reinhart sang very well but like Thia, I didn’t recall what she sang until the recap. Scotty McGreery was a standout again tonight.

Why is it the judges have to bring a crowd pleasing performance down with phrases like, “…it wasn’t your best vocal”?  When does anyone really set the bar higher each week?

I think it’s a phrase that is most useful when the judges are trying to be kind to a singer who would normally have been much, much better the previous outtings.  Scotty was clearly in his space.  Curiously, I too thought of Glenn Campbell when McCreery began to sing, I think it was S’ven that pointed that out. Continue reading

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What would Netflix Friday be without at least one Charlie Sheen comedy?  In the spirit of “DUH! WINNING!”, we offer up a 1994 Sheen comedy classic, The Chase.

It’s been a number of years since I watched this, to many to count, that is until yesterday!  No Oscar winning performances, just a classic high speed chase-style comedy.  It’s a thumbs up rating from me. Continue reading

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Verbal arrows that leave the bow can never be returned. They may not hit the mark you intended but they will most certainly hit something tender. The “shoot from the hip” strategy is reckless, be considerate of what you say. “Damn the consequences” usually concludes with consequences that will damn you. Continue reading
Gina made it out of the parking lot about 30 seconds before me, as I pulled out I recall thinking I hope she doesn't make the light so I can wave goodbye one more time. The little lead footed debutante easily made the light and onto the freeway. I was at the light, two cars back and considering calling her. The light changed, the two cars in front of me move off quickly, I was a bit slow on the gas this time. Just as I entered the intersection I could see a car up on the concrete median coming my way, sparks and car parts flying in every direction. Continue reading

Elise Testone

The eliminations get tough tonight because all of the contestants have shown the can get votes.

A Queen Tribute band has been put together by the two remaining Queen originals.  I don’t know how they found him but they discovered a guy who not only sings like Freddie Mercury but he resembles him too!  It was a great opening medley by the band.

After the tribute band performed Ryan called Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone to the stage.  This means my previous prediction is already wrong since I picked both to be in the bottom three.  Elise was sent to the cheap seats, the bottom three again. Continue reading

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Haley was truly stunned when the announcement came that Alaina would compete in the final next week. She actually needed some assistance from Ryan to come back to reality. I'm hard on Ryan Seacrest but I will say, he is good at handling the stage situations with one of the hopefuls being unsure of what to do next. Kudos to Ryan this week. Continue reading

I am solidly into my road trip now. I arrived in Phoenix on Monday after a very fast drive from Santa Clarita, California. I was simply amazed by the trip east on I-10. I set the cruise control at 90 mph (did I mention I have a wonderfully FAST sports car now?) and cars were still driving up my tailpipe. They were driving faster than when I was on I-5 between Stockton and the Grapevine.

Met up with my Dream Coach in Marin County in the bay area. We tried to see some of the lights of the city by driving through winding small streets in Sausalito… wasted effort I’m afraid to say. I’d be blogging from a hospital had i paid attention to the city across the bay instead of the road. BTW… never use my coach as a navigator, last moment ‘oops! turn here’ is dangerous in small towns with fast drivers. Continue reading

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